Antigua highlighted at Curacao Expo

Antigua & Barbuda made full use of the opportunity to market its many assets while attending Vacation Expo Curacao 2006.

Attending the event was staff from within the marketing department of the Ministry of Tourism who presented Antigua & Barbuda, its festivals, beaches and other special tourist products to the over 4,900 people in attendance.

Marketing Manager for the Caribbean region Joyce Henry and Public Relations Officer Annette Michael, relayed that the country could not have been presented to Curacao at a more opportune time.

The tourism officials said the general consensus of people visiting the Antiguan and Barbudan stall was that they were tired of the metropolitan areas of the world and would like to indulge a bit more in whatsoever the Caribbean had to offer, particularly Antigua.

Airlift, was a major area of concern, and Caribbean Star Airlines answered the call as it will begin direct flights to Curacao in June, from its hub in Antigua.

Although a contingent from the Carnival office was not present at the Vacation Expo, flyers and DVD presentations were made of the Carnival festival, which peaked the interests of the attendees.

PRO Annette Michael, made use of the opportunities presented mainly with Trois Paradise a local radio station on island in Curacao, and the Flamingo Broadcasting System whose on-air personalities strolled the stalls of the expo. Callers also showed an interest in the wedding and honeymoon packages and other festivities such as sailing week.

Other Caribbean islands that took part in the vacation expo are Aruba and Bonaire (they make up the three nation configuration of the ABC islands), Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Cuba, Columbia, Venezuela, and Jamaica.

The innovative expo enabled consumers to sample the best vacation opportunities of the Caribbean region and other vacation destinations all within walking distance under one roof. It also enabled businesses to have premium, one-on-one access to a captive market of motivated and potentially “ready to buy” vacation shoppers.

Antigua & Barbuda’s next regional showing is in Barbados at the Habitat Tradeshow from the 21- 23 April.


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