Intelsur-UTS telecom provider in Suriname set to launch in October

September 29, 2007 by admin
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PARAMARIBO, Suriname: Intelsur-UTS, one of two new wireless GSM communications operators in Suriname, is set to launch its services in October under the brand name ‘Uniqa’ company officials have announced. At the launching ceremony of the new brand name here in Paramaribo, officials disclosed that the company will invest up to US$ 20 million in its operations.

Intelsur-UTS, a Suriname-Curacao joint-venture, several months ago won a licence to provide GSM communications services in Suriname. UTS holds 51 percent of the shares in Uniqa, while Intelsur holds the remaining 49 percent. The second license was awarded to Digicel.

Intelsur president Eric Leliënhof remains CEO of the joint-venture, while Tyrone Alberto of United Telecommunications Services (UTS) has been appointed as president of Uniqa.

During the launching ceremony UTS president and former prime minister of Curacao Anthony Godett disclosed that all is set to start operations in October. He further noted that one of the main targets of the new company is community development. In accepting their licenses the new telecom providers agreed to provide services all over the country including the rural areas and remote interior of Suriname.

Currently Intelsur-UTS and Digicel are negotiating an interconnection agreement with incumbent Telesur. Several weeks earlier the minister of Telecommunications and the Telecommunications Authority Suriname (TAS) intervened after state-owned Telesur was being accused of stalling the negotiations.

Liberalisation of the telecommunication sector in Suriname took effect in April this year when the new Telecommunications Act was published.

Digicel is awaiting completion of the interconnection negotiations to launch its services. Reports indicate that Digicel has already completed logistics set up of its network.

According to Leliënhof, Uniqa will provide, amongst others, internet, GPRS and SMS services with competitive tariffs. He noted that the negotiations to reach an interconnection agreement with the two other providers are going very well.

“It’s just a matter of talking care of the commercial aspects,” said the Intelsur president. Alberto noted that Uniqa will distinguish itself from the other companies by providing a quality service.

Currently UTS has operations in Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands.

Curacao minister of Telecommunications and Transport Maurice Adriaans was also present at the Uniqa launching ceremony and told reporters that the investments of UTS in Suriname are a step in the right direction for closer economic cooperation between Suriname and Curacao.

By Ivan Cairo
Caribbean Net News Suriname Correspondent

Source: Caribbean Net News


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