Online Casino For Sale

London-based Leisure And Gaming has announced that it is to seel one of its long established online casinos,, for a price of $500,000.

The AIM-listed company is one of the world’s largest betting and gaming companies and owns the operation through its subsidiary, Grouse Entertainment.

The online casino has a database of some 24,000 non-US cash players and, despite no recent attempts at marketing the site and a decline in net wins since 2006 levels, still generates an average of $100,000 per month in net win and $16,000 per month in EBIT since the beginning of the year. This is through returning players who like the established and recognised brand that also features natural search engine optimisation.

The online venue has been listed at who revealed that Leisure And gaming are exploring the possibility of selling Grouse Entertainment as it is the legal entity that owns and operates the Grouse holds a Curacao gaming license and owns its own fully depreciated equipment and uses Playtech casino software while outsourcing payment processing and customer services.


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