TelEm Group unaware of MIO’s plans, intention

November 3, 2007 by admin
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The TelEm Group has stated it has not been contacted by Telecommunications Company MIO regarding a possible purchase of TelEm, but a MIO representative in Curacao has said, “I know we are interested.”

Christopher Engels of CuraNet, which is believed to be a MIO subsidiary, said he was very excited about the possibility of coming to St. Maarten to work for MIO, as he had worked in St. Maarten for Xerox in the past and loved the island.

Regarding allegations that Telecommunications Minister Maurice Adriaens was in bed with MIO, Engels said, “99 per cent of what we read in the Curacao newspapers is incorrect. I mean, these people even said I went on an MIO private jet to Suriname with the Minister.”

St. Maarten Telecommunication Holding Company TelEm Group Supervisory Board Chairman Rudy Hoeve said Wednesday he was unaware of any negotiations between MIO and TelEm Group for the purchase of the St. Maarten government-owned telephone company.

He said the board had scheduled a meeting with the shareholder for next week Wednesday during which several important matters would be discussed. He also said that there had been no decision yet regarding Curtis Haynes’ replacement as Managing Director of international phone company Smitcoms.

MIO boasts of being the largest provider of third generation (3G) mobile communications service in the Netherlands Antilles and the Cayman Islands. It also boasts via its Website of having licences to operate in Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten and the Cayman Islands, providing 3G services with strategic partners Qualcomm, Lucent, Sprint and Verizon.

3G is a wireless industry term for a collection of international standards and technologies aimed at increasing efficiency and improving the performance of mobile wireless networks.

MIO is part of EOCG E-Oliver Capital Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. EOCG has focused its activities on developing countries worldwide, concentrating on telecom and related media opportunities and a broad array of next generation technologies.

EOCG currently owns and operates networks in St. Maarten, Curacao, Bonaire and the British Virgin Islands. Its Website boasts its “strong network of domestic and international relationships with leading financial institutions, operating partners, senior business executives and government officials.”

“This strategic network,” it states, “has allowed EOCG to execute multiple acquisitions, contracts, agreements, joint ventures and organic growth opportunities.”


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