Curaçao Carnival Schedule

December 6, 2007 by admin
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The people of Curaçao invite you to join our biggest party of the year, as we celebrate our Curaçao Carnival. Be among tens of thousands of spectators alongside the road witnessing an impressive array of multi-colored groups dancing on the beat of Tumba, our official Carnival music.

Ready to experience the Curaçao Carnival? Here you will find an overview of the most important activities planned for the coming 2008 Carnival season.

Note: the activities listed below are subject to change.

January 5 Opening Curaçao Carnival season 2008
January 6 Election of Children’s Queen, Prince and Pancho
Registration for Tumba Festival 2008
January 11 Ban Purba Fundraising Event
January 12 Grand Dance Anniversary Globo
January 14 Tumba Festival – first night
January 15 Tumba Festival – second night
January 16 Tumba Festival –third night
January 18 Tumba Festival – final night
January 19 Jump- in “Apetit pa Gosa”
Jump- up “Crazy Diamonds” / “Le Cime”
Jump- in “Chikitous”
January 20 Horse Carnival Parade
Children’s Tumba Festival
January 22 Jump- in “Atanan Djingeli Djuzeni”
January 23 Carnival party for the Elderly
Jump-in “Va Va Voom”
January 24 Jump- in “Aloha”
January 25 Election of Teen’s Queen and Prince
Jump- in “Ta’Ki Tin”
January 26 Jump- in “At’e / “Cache” / “Viva”
Tumba Loko Globo
Juve Morning: Pequeña Compania
Calypso Contest
January 27 Children’s Carnival Parade
January 31 Election of the Carnival Queen, Prince and Pancho

February 1 Teen Carnival Parade
February 2 Banda Bou Carnival Parade
“Kaya 9 – Bispu dje Bembé” in Pietermaai
February 3 Grand Carnival Parade
February 4 Children’s Farewell Parade
February 5 Grand Farewell Carnival Parade
February 9 Closing and awards evening Grand Parade, Teen Parade and Horse Parade.
February 10 Closing and awards evening Children’s Carnival


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