The Ownership of the Campo Alegre Brothel in Curacao

February 10, 2009 by admin
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Giovanni van Ierland owned the Campo Alegre Brothel in partnership with his long time attorney, Leslie Franklin.

Van Ierland had the majority interest in the Campo Alegre Brothel and completely owned the Campo Alegre Casino.

Both men were convicted of drug & money laundering crimes in 2002. Attorney Leslie Franklin was sentenced to seven years and van Ierland to twelve.
Franklin was released in 2006 and took over the Campo Alegre Brothel, but not the Casino which was licensed to van Ierland. The Casino was closed.

Leslie Franklin is currently the sole owner of the Campo Alegre Brothel. He is a Free Man in Curacao.

Giovanni van Ierland, released from prison in September 2008, prior to being shot in the head three times on January 27, 2009,
was engaged in a court battle to regain his majority ownership of the Campo Alegre Brothel from Leslie Franklin.

Due to his untimely death, five months after his release from prison, van Ierland’s wife, Raquel and her late husband’s attorney, Marius Römer,
now have to make the decision to continue the court battle to regain the van Ierland share of the Campo Alegre Brothel from Leslie Franklin.

All of this information has been assembled from United States, Curacao & Dutch Government Reports along with Curacaol & International News Reports,
Not idle gossip tossed around at the Brothel.

Video news report of the ‘Assassination of Giovanni van Ierland’ on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 while driving in his BMW in Curacao.
The sedan crashed into a tree & expended 9mm cartridges litter the street at the death scene.
Youtube Video


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