Aruba Refinery Starting up Again

November 12, 2009 by admin
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SAN NICOLAS — The refinery at San Nicolas will become partially operational again. In this, owner and operator Valero wants potential buyer PetroChina to observe the refinery’s operation and its status. The starting up of facilities will take approximately three weeks.

The definite decision on whether the Chinese state-owned oil company will take over the refinery will be made after the observation. Meanwhile, Valero is looking for contract-workers to operate the relevant partial facilities.
It was only last week, when persistent rumors had circulated that Valero and PetroChina had agreed on the sale. Representatives of PetroChina had visited Premier Mike Eman last Thursday. He had indicated that the number of Chinese employees, which PetroChina required ‘was less than anticipated’. He had no indication on the Chinese wishes regarding tax arrangements.
Former-premier Nelson Oduber (MEP) had announced not so long ago that the negotiations with PetroChina had foundered, as the Chinese company had requested the employment of a substantial number of their own workers. In addition, PetroChina had supposedly demanded the same tax advantages and environment exemptions, which Coastal as Valero’s predecessor had enjoyed at the time.


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