Wescot-Williams attends ‘Opportunities and Risks of Dollarisation in the Dutch Caribbean’ Conference

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WILLEMSTAD–Democratic Party (DP) Leader Island Councilwoman Sarah Wescot-Williams is in Curaçao for the one-day conference on “Opportunities and Risks of Dollarization in the Dutch Caribbean,” being held in the auditorium of Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles.

This conference will deal with opportunities, risks and effects of dollarization for St. Maarten, Curacao and the BES Islands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba). Several high level financial experts are scheduled to speak at the conference, organised by Minister of Finance Ersilia de Lannooy. Featured speakers include Central Bank President Emsley Tromp, Aruba Central Bank President Jane Semeleer, Lars Moller of the World Bank and Mark O’Brien of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Several people from St. Maarten are to be part of the panel discussions in the afternoon, including Windward Islands Bank (WIB) Managing Director Jan Beaujon, Princess Juliana International Airport President Eugene Holiday, Small Business Development Foundation Executive Director Ludwig Ouenniche and St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) President Emil Lee. They will be joined on the panels by their counterparts in Curaçao.

Wescot-Williams, who will return home Tuesday, said the conference is of high importance to the future of the island as it works to country status. She added that DP will seek to work with government and businesses to bring information about dollarization to the people of St. Maarten. “The sooner this can be done, the better.”

There has been a drastic move in favour of dollarization coming from Curaçao in the past months. St. Maarten’s financial experts had suggested the possibility of adopting the dollar as the currency for the new countries in the early 2000s. However, at that time, there was not much support coming from Curaçao for the move.

The islands have a political agreement to establish a joint Central Bank with a rotating presidency between St. Maarten and Curaçao and a joint currency. “This makes it urgent that the people of both islands get as much information regarding the currency options,” said Wescot-Williams, who is a former Constitutional Affairs and Finance Commissioner.

Dollarization has been prompted recently as an attractive option for Curaçao and St. Maarten by Tromp, a feature speaker of the conference, in his yearly economic report.

With this new push to dollarize, a joint Central Bank may no longer be needed if the islands decide to go this route. The BES Islands, which will become Dutch dependencies, have already chosen to dollarize.

The dollarization conference has generated enormous interested. To satisfy this interest throughout the Netherlands Antilles, the forum will be simulcast on radio, Internet and television.

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Local designers a hit in Curaçao

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The Bold and the Beautiful! This is how the runway show Barbados put together recently could be described as. Eight different but very talented designers brought a beautiful collection of fabulous but wearable couture showcasing the best of the Barbadian designers.

Avark, this years Best New Product Award in the product line: Fashion winner, had the task to kick off the showcase for the Barbadian section, and right away set the mood for what could be expected from Barbados. Avark, showcasing in Curaçao for the first time, sizzled with his elegant mens and womens collection; featuring casual designs made of cotton, linen, leather and burlap, using a combination of mainly creme, off white, orange and brown colors and an African print. The African inspiration used in this collection, created a sense of timelessness, which was exactly what the designers had wanted to achieve.

Next was BoUiK, which presented dramatic creations of great creativity. In this collection there were designs for both casual and evening wear. The casual wear featured both short skirts and shorts which combined bold and bright colors which gave it a very youthful and playful feel. In one design of print, polka dots were used, and in other designs, African prints. The mens design featured sleep wear which was very simple but sexy. The evening wear featured long beautiful but playful evening gowns, designed in different layers and combining the colors orange and green.

Four Seasons Colonnade followed. The mother and daughter design team presented part of their 2008 collection. This collection can be typified as a combination of elegance, boldness, and creativity, with jewellery and accessories beautifully made. The fashion designs were made of materials such as chiffon, spandex, and silks, the jewellery was made of beads, wood, pearls etc. The pink dress in the kids collection was pretty with many details that made it elegant at the same time. The bridal gown was simple but very elegant.

Last years Best Product and Product Line winner and this years runner up in Best Booth Display as well as Best New Product, Luna Designs, also presented their new collection. Luna Designs specialty is jewellery. These are mostly made from environmentally friendly materials such as wood and beads and recycled paper. Luna Designs runway presentation was excellent, and since the models were dressed in white, it brought out the beautiful combination of colors of the jewellery, which consisted of chains, earrings, anklets, rings and bags; all in bright and bold colors. This collection can be typified as creative, youthful, casual, fresh, tropical and bright.

Navazoe was the fifth to showcase their new collection. Navazoes collection was typified by beautiful matching accessories. Their specialties are mostly hats and bags for women. The designs varied from casual wear in tropical colors to more sophisticated casual wear in subdued colors. The two materials used in this collection were silk and polyester, which were combined with leather. The prints were either hand-painted, embroidered or preprinted. The handles were made of wood, beads, and have a typical Navazoe identification tag attached to them. The combination of these materials made it a very interesting collection.

Perlixins Spring & Summer 2008 Collection called Hello Africa was a feast for the eyes. A fashion collection where different styles were combined and color combinations were presented that one would not usually expect. But as the designer stated. That makes it more interesting. Most of the fabrics for the garments came from West Africa, which is recognisable in the different prints. Furthermore, waxed cotton and silk georgette were used in this collection. In this collection also, different styles were combined, such as the African style with the western idea. A much unexpected combination, but beautifully executed.

The accessories collection consisted of bags which were made of snake skins, burlap, and tweed. These materials were combined and made for some interesting designs. The Rykii de Jude Inc. collection was one of sophisticated elegance. Using the basic colors white and black with red details, resulted in designs that can be used for both casual and evening wear. In some of both the mens as well as the womens creations, the designer used a white or black basic color with very thin stripes. Very chic and very elegant. The womens wear consisted of both short and long dresses and the mens of suits.

Last, but certainly not the least, as is said, Nine One Designs presented their new jewellery collection especially made for this showcase. Using a strong blend of jewellery designs and materials, Nine One Designs presented a very unique and sophisticated creative collection for both men and women. As they state it. We dont just make jewellery, we create jewellery. The collection presented, consisted of a distinctive blend of natural materials such as shells and pearls which were combined with copper, sterling silver and 14 carat gold. The collection ranged from jewellery for casual wear, to very fine jewellery for evening wear. Curaçao certainly got a good taste of Barbadian fashion by having been presented by a good mix of great creativity, elegance and use of a great variety of wonderful materials. The Caribbean Gift & Craft Show lasted the whole weekend and ends today.

Source: Barbados Advocate

Antigua highlighted at Curacao Expo

Antigua & Barbuda made full use of the opportunity to market its many assets while attending Vacation Expo Curacao 2006.

Attending the event was staff from within the marketing department of the Ministry of Tourism who presented Antigua & Barbuda, its festivals, beaches and other special tourist products to the over 4,900 people in attendance.

Marketing Manager for the Caribbean region Joyce Henry and Public Relations Officer Annette Michael, relayed that the country could not have been presented to Curacao at a more opportune time.

The tourism officials said the general consensus of people visiting the Antiguan and Barbudan stall was that they were tired of the metropolitan areas of the world and would like to indulge a bit more in whatsoever the Caribbean had to offer, particularly Antigua.

Airlift, was a major area of concern, and Caribbean Star Airlines answered the call as it will begin direct flights to Curacao in June, from its hub in Antigua.

Although a contingent from the Carnival office was not present at the Vacation Expo, flyers and DVD presentations were made of the Carnival festival, which peaked the interests of the attendees.

PRO Annette Michael, made use of the opportunities presented mainly with Trois Paradise a local radio station on island in Curacao, and the Flamingo Broadcasting System whose on-air personalities strolled the stalls of the expo. Callers also showed an interest in the wedding and honeymoon packages and other festivities such as sailing week.

Other Caribbean islands that took part in the vacation expo are Aruba and Bonaire (they make up the three nation configuration of the ABC islands), Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Cuba, Columbia, Venezuela, and Jamaica.

The innovative expo enabled consumers to sample the best vacation opportunities of the Caribbean region and other vacation destinations all within walking distance under one roof. It also enabled businesses to have premium, one-on-one access to a captive market of motivated and potentially “ready to buy” vacation shoppers.

Antigua & Barbuda’s next regional showing is in Barbados at the Habitat Tradeshow from the 21- 23 April.