Superyacht Steel arriving in Willemstad, Curacao

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Steel is built by the Falmouth based shipyard Pendennis to a design by Liebowitz & Pritchard Architecture + Yacht Design Ltd. She is a 54 metre luxury explorer, of which little information has been released. She is built to +100 AL Lloyds, 1a ice class, and is also fully MCA compliant with long range capabilities. Steel is not the first collaboration between Liebowitz & Pritchard Architecture + Yacht Design Ltd, and Pendennis, they already worked together in 2004 on the47.5 metre superyacht MitseaAH. Steel is seen here late afternoon on sunday, when she arrived from Bonaire.

The 13th edition of the Ennia Kids Triathlon will be held this Sunday June 13th.

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The 13th edition of the Ennia Kids Triathlon will be held this Sunday June 13th. This year it will take place for the first time at Blue Bay Curaçao! Your board has decided to extend extraordinary permission for this positive, sporty event for children, since it will be positive promotion for Blue Bay Curaçao. The competition will take place between 16.00 and 19.00 hours and will be concentrated around the beach and the last holes of the Golf Course.

There will be around 55 children participating in this competition. Of course they will be cheered on by their families and friends. Measures will be taken to prevent possible nuisance as much as possible. Naturally, you are more than welcome to cheer the children on and to experience the event yourself.

Curacao wins Caraibes Hibiscus crown for second consecutive year

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MAHO–A passionate call for Caribbean unity coupled with her graceful and elegant performance won raven-haired, long-legged Curaçaolenean beauty Angenie Anamaria Simon the sixteenth annual Caraibes Hibiscus Crown, the second consecutive win for the Netherlands Antilles island nation. The 23-year-old Finance Assistant had the capacity-filled Sonesta Maho Conference Room audience enthralled by her beauty, confidence and wit.

Shortly after being crowned early Saturday morning, she told The Daily Herald that she will do her utmost in her new capacity to foster Caribbean togetherness and will be visiting as many islands as she can to repeat her call during her reign as queen. She said this was her first regional pageant, after having clinched the first runner-up position in the Miss Curaçao pageant earlier this year. She will represent her island at the Miss World Pageant in 2009.

Miss Puerto Rico Carolyn Tossas Castro (18) was named first runner-up and Miss Colombia Negaira Roa (23) second runner-up as well as the Best Traditional Wear title.

Miss Cayman Islands Treveen Stewart (19) won Miss Amity title; Miss Anguilla Fanny Richardson (18) the Best Gown title; Miss Peru Claudina Maira Sarrio (20) the Photogenic title and Miss St. Barths Jennifer Louis (20) the Popularity title.

The curtains raised on the sixteenth annual event with the 16 contestants gracing the stage in traditional wear and introducing themselves to the audience. Apparel featured ranged from carnival ensembles and traditional church dress of the 1940’s to the Pocahontas costume worn by Miss USA. Most contestants spoke about the allure of their native countries and encouraged the audience to visit.

However, unlike the other contestants, the new queen, dressed as a Curaçaolenean “clothes washer,” veered away from the common messages of her competitors and made a passionate call for the Caribbean to work together to combat the challenges facing the region. She said the Caribbean needs to “hold itself together” to be a strong unit. She also spoke about the tough work ahead for her own island as it prepares for its new constitutional status, likening the “work and decisions ahead” for Curaçao to the tough decisions that US President-elect Barack Obama will have to make in his new capacity.

Dressed as a traditional “guavaberry woman,” St. Maarten/St. Martin representative Miuricia Williams (24) drew attention to the uniqueness of the open-bordered twin island shared by two governments and highlighted its culinary and other delights. At one point, she faltered during her speech, but quickly got back on track and delivered confidently, selling the positive aspects of her “Friendly Island.”

Miss Colombia, who clinched the Traditional Costume title, donned a colourful garb which she said depicted the “colour, flavour and fashion” of her country.

Nineteen-year-old Guyanese Justine Perez, who pulled a strong following, spoke about Guyana’s vast rainforests and nature and said she had instantly fell in love with St. Maarten during her first visit and that it reminded her of her South American birthplace.

The swimwear segment opened with contestants performing a dance in similar summer dresses and then appearing individually in similar tiger-print, two-piece beachwear.

Elegance, glitter and glamour dominated the evening wear segment which featured gowns in just about every colour of the rainbow. However, it was the jet black, glittering, ankle-length gown worn by Miss Anguilla that copped the Best Gown title. The queen was dressed in an elegant orange spaghetti-strap gown with a daring front slit, which she modelled gracefully. Miss St. Maarten/St. Martin modelled a Caribbean-like multi-coloured, floral chiffon gown.

Before handing over the crown, former queen Laurien Angelista said she pocketed invaluable experience and memories during her reign and was happy to have served as the Caraibes Hibiscus Queen.

The pageant, which began around two hours after the scheduled time, also featured entertainment from, among others, Oddyssey, Miss Black USA 2008 Kristen E. White, the special guest for the evening and one of several judges for the event.

The 27-year-old Georgia native and American Idol semi-finalist, whose greatest passion is serving others, especially children, was crowned on June 23, 2008 in Las Vegas. In addition to the coveted crown, she also won a US $20,000 academic scholarship, along with a walk-on role on Tyler Perry’s hit sitcom, the House of Payne, a seven day/six night trip to the Grand Bahamas Island, and a host of other prizes.

Other contestants were from Brazil, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Panama and Martinique. (Judy H. Fitzpatrick)

Source: The Daily Herald St. Maarten

Affiliate Club awards affiliates with trip to Caribbean may be new to the industry, but the company certainly isn’t a novice when it comes to motivating its affiliates.

Just ask the nine men who were part of an all-expenses paid excursion to the Caribbean island of Curacao earlier this month as part of a promotion ran for its affiliates.

“It was quite a trip,” reported’s Claire Leighton, who hosted the trip along with fellow affiliate managers Nicole Sims and Katerina Milfaitova. “We’re a new brand. The affiliate managers all have experience in the business, but the program is new so this type of thing is very important for us to do. It helps us get the point across to our affiliates that we’re serious about the business and we’re here to stay.” offered a spot on the trip to any of its affiliates that could increase new traffic by 20% during a three-month span.

“We put the target out there and these guys went out and hit it,” Leighton added. “It’s just a nice way for us to reward them for putting their trust in us and sending traffic our way.”

The four-day journey began immediately following CAC Amsterdam, meaning the majority of the people on the trip flew directly from the conference to Curacao. But the nine-hour flight was simply used as a resting period as the party of 12 stepped off the plane at 4 p.m. and wasted no time beginning the festivities. Drinks at the Marriott Resort & Emerald Casino Hotel’s beach bar were followed by dinner at The Governour where the group was seated on a balcony overlooking the ocean.

Day 2 of the trip began with an exploration of the island atop 12 four-wheel quad motorbikes that weaved 25 miles through mountains, up a bat cave and along the coast. Muddied from their joy ride, the group washed off with an ocean swim and quenched their thirst with some ice cold beer at Mambo’s Beach Bar. Five hours later, the Dirty Dozen made its way back to the hotel to freshen up and sit down for dinner at another beachside locale called Hook’s Hut.

Dinner was followed by a trip to the casino (after all, these are “gambling” affiliates we’re talking about) and then the group headed back to Mambo’s for more drinks and some dancing into the wee hours of the morning.

“I think we spent almost 20 hours together that day,” laughed Leighton. “Believe me, you really get to know the people you are with when you spend that much time together in one day.”

Day 3 got off to an understandably later start, but was just as action-packed. The crew chartered a simulated pirate ship that took them for a tour around the island for some snorkeling and a treasure hunt. They had a barbecue on board (with cocktails in hand, of course) and headed back to the hotel where the hearty mates prepared for the grand finale dinner at the Marriott’s Portofino restaurant. With the time ticking down on the vacation, the group made sure to eat up every last minute by heading back to the beach bar after dinner for more drinks and dancing.

“You would think that by the fourth day we would all have been tired and ready to go home, but this trip was so much fun we could have stayed for another week,” Leighton said. “It was sad to leave, but we have plenty of memories and pictures to remember the trip.

“This was really a great trip for everyone involved. We had a lot of fun, but it was good from a business standpoint as well because we were able to talk about work, but without the pressure of a conference. And I think all the affiliates enjoyed meeting in person and hearing about each other’s businesses. So from that standpoint we accomplished a lot.”

Leighton added that she thinks these types of trips will become a regular part of’s promotions.

“It worked out very well for everyone,” she added. “And it increased traffic. So it really was a win-win situation.”

By Gary Trask

A Short History of Black Swimming: The 70′s: Enith Brigitha

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MONTREAL, CANADA — No doubt the best Black swimmer of the 70′s was Enith Brigitha of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. She was the first Black female swimmer. And she was the first Black female swimmer to win two Olympic medals (in 1976), both bronze, one for the 100m and one for the 200m freestyle.

In 1970, she was swimming 1:05.0 for the 100-meter free, already a good regional time. In 1971, she moved to Holland, made the national team, and finished the year with 1:00.5, about the 10th best female time that year. So, even then, she was world-class.

Her breakout year was 1972. She qualified for the Olympic Games, won a medal on the relay, and was an individual Olympic finalist. That year, her freestyle times were 59.37, 2:09.8, and 4:40.0 for the 100m, 200m, and 400m, respectively. During that same year, she found out that she was also competitive in the backstroke (1:06.5 for 100m and 2:23.7 for 200m), a stroke she had tried out on a whim.

In 1973, she won the bronze at the inaugural world championships. This was also the year that East Germany really advanced, possibly eclipsing her achievements. In 1974, she improved to 57.68 for the 100m free, 2:03.73 for the 200m free, 1:05.0 for the 100m back, 2:20.27 for the 200m back, and 2:26.52 for the individual medley (im), all world-class times. In 1975, she improved, yet again, with 57.53 for the 100m and 2:03.34 for the 200m free, a remarkable 4:19.40 for the 400m free, and 1:06.5 for the 100m back. Again, she placed well at the Second World Championships.

1976 was the Olympic year, the year in which she won her individual medals. Although she may have been over-extending herself, she had times of 27.72 for the 50m, 56.61 for the 100m (Olympic bronze), 2:01.25 for the 200m (Olympic bronze), and 4:21.93 for the 400m free; 2:24.97 individual medley (im); and 1:04.98 for the 100m back. In addition, she had world-best short-course (50m pool) times of 2:00.98, then 1:58.83 for the 200m free. In those days, short-course times were called world-best. Today, they are simply called world-records.

Still swimming in 1977, she was recording times of 56.7 (100m), 2:03.22 (200m), 4:15.06 (400m), and 8:55.4 (800m), all for the freestyle; 1:04.85 (100m back), 1:02.96 (100m fly), and 2:25 (200m fly). She set two more ‘SC (short course) world-best’ times: 55.30 (100m free) and 1:57.86 (200m free). Her final swimming year was 1978, in which she recorded 1:04.32 (100m back), 2:26.77(200m back), 57.67 (100m free), and 2:02.57 (200m free).

A little tidbit. In 1978 Enith had a conflict with her swim federation. Apparently, there was a dispute about her swimsuit. Since she preferred wearing a suit not officially worn by the team, she ended up getting in Dutch with the Dutch federation.

Enith was a woman of many sides. Outside the pool she was a talented dancer. And in the pool, she seemed to be good in all strokes and all distances. What a career!

by Christian Berger
Source: BlackAthlete

Curaçao Carnival Schedule

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The people of Curaçao invite you to join our biggest party of the year, as we celebrate our Curaçao Carnival. Be among tens of thousands of spectators alongside the road witnessing an impressive array of multi-colored groups dancing on the beat of Tumba, our official Carnival music.

Ready to experience the Curaçao Carnival? Here you will find an overview of the most important activities planned for the coming 2008 Carnival season.

Note: the activities listed below are subject to change.

January 5 Opening Curaçao Carnival season 2008
January 6 Election of Children’s Queen, Prince and Pancho
Registration for Tumba Festival 2008
January 11 Ban Purba Fundraising Event
January 12 Grand Dance Anniversary Globo
January 14 Tumba Festival – first night
January 15 Tumba Festival – second night
January 16 Tumba Festival –third night
January 18 Tumba Festival – final night
January 19 Jump- in “Apetit pa Gosa”
Jump- up “Crazy Diamonds” / “Le Cime”
Jump- in “Chikitous”
January 20 Horse Carnival Parade
Children’s Tumba Festival
January 22 Jump- in “Atanan Djingeli Djuzeni”
January 23 Carnival party for the Elderly
Jump-in “Va Va Voom”
January 24 Jump- in “Aloha”
January 25 Election of Teen’s Queen and Prince
Jump- in “Ta’Ki Tin”
January 26 Jump- in “At’e / “Cache” / “Viva”
Tumba Loko Globo
Juve Morning: Pequeña Compania
Calypso Contest
January 27 Children’s Carnival Parade
January 31 Election of the Carnival Queen, Prince and Pancho

February 1 Teen Carnival Parade
February 2 Banda Bou Carnival Parade
“Kaya 9 – Bispu dje Bembé” in Pietermaai
February 3 Grand Carnival Parade
February 4 Children’s Farewell Parade
February 5 Grand Farewell Carnival Parade
February 9 Closing and awards evening Grand Parade, Teen Parade and Horse Parade.
February 10 Closing and awards evening Children’s Carnival

Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant

Organisers of the The pageant, which takes place on December 29th , have confirmed some 12 countries from around the region including Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Curacao , Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United States Virgin Islands and hosts St.Kitts with Cuba expected to confirm participation shortly. Bermuda will be participating for the first time.

According to Chairman and Executive Producer of the Pageant, Mr. Antonio ‘Director’ Maynard, the pageants organising committee is working hard to maintain the shows extremely high standard and further enhance it’s status as the most anticipated, exciting and prestiguous pageant shows in the Caribbean.

“Plans are progressing perfectly and this event continues to be the most popular and prestigious event of it’s kind in the Caribbean and we intend to keep it that way,” Maynard said.

‘We’re incorporating and implementing new initiatives, to raise the show to an even higher standard and this year we’re going to have a bit more participation than usual with the addition of countries such as Bermuda for the first time and Cuba who will be making a return after a 3 year hiatus,” Maynard said.

The show has been synonymous over the years with spectacular stage productions and guest performances and performers. Machel Montana, Allison Hinds, Singing Sandra,Edwin Yearwood, Jamesy P, Claudette Peters and more as well as top Caribbean comedians and personalities including Rachel Price, Tommy Joseph, Jennifer “Jenny Jenny” Small among others have all graced the Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant stage.

Marketing and Guest Artiste Coordinator of the show Wallis Wilkin indicated that the name of the special guest host and guest artiste for this years event will be announced shortly in a subsequent release.

“As always you can expect another great performer this year and an even greater stage show and production,” said Wallis Wilkin Marketing and Guest Artiste Committee Chairperson for the show.

Past contestants of the show , Claudetter CP Peters and Pat Raguette, have gone on to regional and success as performers with Claudette recently making history by being the first artiste to win the Antigua Carnival Party and Groovy Soca monarch titles. Pat Raguette has won both the St.Thomas and St.Croix road march titles as lead singer of the Express band.

The official launch of the pageant is slated for Nov. 27 at the Ocean Terrace Inn where they will also release the names of other major sponsors.

The show began in 1980 and is the first show of it’s kind in the region which showcases the talents of our female caribbean teenagers.

For More information check out pageant website

Boogerd cancels Curaçao race

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The 6th Amstel Curaçao Race taking place on Saturday, November 3 will not see retiring pro Michael Boogerd line up one last time on the tropical island of the same name. The Dutchman still has problems with his injured knee which led him to cancel his participation in the Giro di Lombardia in October, and even interfered with his farewell race on the Cauberg in his home country one day after the last ProTour race of the season.

Boogerd wanted to get on the bike one last time in Curaçao, where he is currently on a holiday with his family, but his knee wound still hasn’t healed properly. “As long as the wound is still open, I can’t do any sports,” the 35 year-old told the Algemeen Dagblad. “I can’t even play in the water with my son. It’s a real shame.”

Participants in the Amstel Curaçao Race include such other famous names as Tom Boonen (Quickstep), Alberto Contador (Discovery Channel) and Fränk Schleck (CSC).

Karate team at Curacao tourney

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Three young female karatekas from the organisation Shotokan Karate-do International Federation of Trinidad and Tobago (SKIFTT), have qualified for the TTKU national team which left Friday for the Curacao Cup Tournament.

SKIFTT’s 3rd Dan champion karateka has also gone as coach of this national team, a first for any woman in Trinidad and Tobago.

Cindy Guevara will coach the 15- member team as they seek to bring back gold medals for Trinidad and Tobago at this year’s Curacao Cup Competition being held from today-November 4.

Guevara, a three time karate nominee for the WITCO sports woman of the year awards was chosen by the national body, from the hundreds of karatekas in Trinidad and Tobago, to be the national coach for this team.

The other members of SKIFTT who qualified to be part of the team at the TTKU trials held in July are – Chennise Charles, Rebecca Mohammed and Che-Marie Lee Kin.

Charles, a 14 year old energetic young lady, started karate at age six, and obtained her black belt at age 11 (one of the youngest to do so in the country). She has already represented SKIFTT and T&T at several championships in the Caribbean, Venezuela and Japan. She is a consistent champion, winning both kata and kumite at various competitions in the county.

Mohammed, also 14, will be venturing outside of T&T for the first time to compete for the country. She is a brown belt karateka and recently placed first in her category in kata at the SKIFTT 16th classified tournament. While Lee Kin, 18 years old, who recently obtained her black belt, came first in her category at the Taekijudo tournament held in August. This will also be her first international tournament outside of the country. She has already won in her category at the International Pan American championships held here in Trinidad in 2004.

Source; Trinidad Express

Online Casino For Sale

London-based Leisure And Gaming has announced that it is to seel one of its long established online casinos,, for a price of $500,000.

The AIM-listed company is one of the world’s largest betting and gaming companies and owns the operation through its subsidiary, Grouse Entertainment.

The online casino has a database of some 24,000 non-US cash players and, despite no recent attempts at marketing the site and a decline in net wins since 2006 levels, still generates an average of $100,000 per month in net win and $16,000 per month in EBIT since the beginning of the year. This is through returning players who like the established and recognised brand that also features natural search engine optimisation.

The online venue has been listed at who revealed that Leisure And gaming are exploring the possibility of selling Grouse Entertainment as it is the legal entity that owns and operates the Grouse holds a Curacao gaming license and owns its own fully depreciated equipment and uses Playtech casino software while outsourcing payment processing and customer services.

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