Amstel Curacao Race: Tropical Cycling Event

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The 8th Amstel Curacao Race will take place on November 7, 2009. Many cycling champions have been invited to compete in this 80 kilometer long, last race of the season and to enjoy their holidays on the beautiful island of Curacao.

As usual the race is not only for professionals, recreational cyclists get a chance to compete with professionals. Besides the race many other activities will take place such as concerts and a great after party, water games and a
beach volleyball tournament. The famous participants are sure to attract many extra visitors to the island.

For more information:

Photographs from Surinam and Curaçao in Rijksmuseum, Holland

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From 18 August, around 80 photographs from Surinam and Curaçao dating from 1846 to 1973 are on display at the Rijksmuseum. The photographs, some of which are Rijksmuseum acquisitions and some of which are on loan from private collectors and other contributors, tell the story of various chapters from the history of ‘the West’. The existence of several of the photographs taken in 19th century Surinam was previously unknown. The highlight of the exhibition, is without a doubt, the earliest known photograph from Surinam, of a young married couple in 1846.

This photo, a so-called daguerreotype, depicts Maria Louisa de Hart, the daughter of a female slave whose freedom had been purchased, and the Jewish plantation owner Mozes-Meijer de Hart. Her husband was Johannes Ellis, the son of Abraham de Veer, who was a Dutchman and the governor of Elmina in what is now Ghana, and the Ghanaian Fanny Ellis. Their son, Abraham George Ellis (1846-1916) was the first and only Surinamese minister to serve in a Dutch cabinet (1902-1905, Minister of the Navy). Until now, it was not known that any pre-1860 photographs from Surinam existed.

The publicity surrounding the discovery of this photograph prompted several private parties to contact the museum – they also had very old photos of their forefathers. An ‘ambrotype’ taken in 1857 of Martha-Elisabeth de Wees, a former slave, is now also included in the exhibition. Two years before the photograph was taken, she was freed for ‘good behaviour’ and in observance of the ‘King’s birthday’

One remarkable discovery was a signed ambrotype from 1859. The photo was signed by S. del Casthilho, one of the first professional photographers who set up a studio in Paramaribo, only 20 years after photography was invented.

Also on display will be various photographs from 1911 to 1930, a time when the plantation economy was declining and bauxite mining was becoming an increasingly important industry, including photographs from the bauxite mining town Moengo. There is also a panorama of Paramaribo by Augusta Curiel (1873-1937), a famous pre-WWII photographer from Surinam. Additionally, there are several photographs of ‘Black Tuesday’ (Zwarte Dinsdag). On this day – 7 February 1933 – the activist against colonialism Anton de Kom was imprisoned in Paramaribo, unleashing a protest by his supporters to demand his release.

Finally, the museum will display photographs taken by Willem Diepraam (1944) between 1973 and 1977, including of the 1973 election victory of Henck Arron, who would go on to become the first prime minister of independent Surinam.

The exhibition will also feature 20 photographs taken in Curaçao during WWII, including of Princess Juliana’s visit to the island in 1944 and of Willemstad during the 1930s.

The photographs from Surinam and Curaçao will be on display in the Rijksmuseum from 18 August to 5 October. Several of the photographs from Moengo were acquired thanks to a grant from the Maria Adriana Aalder Fonds fund.

Curacao wins Caraibes Hibiscus crown for second consecutive year

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MAHO–A passionate call for Caribbean unity coupled with her graceful and elegant performance won raven-haired, long-legged Curaçaolenean beauty Angenie Anamaria Simon the sixteenth annual Caraibes Hibiscus Crown, the second consecutive win for the Netherlands Antilles island nation. The 23-year-old Finance Assistant had the capacity-filled Sonesta Maho Conference Room audience enthralled by her beauty, confidence and wit.

Shortly after being crowned early Saturday morning, she told The Daily Herald that she will do her utmost in her new capacity to foster Caribbean togetherness and will be visiting as many islands as she can to repeat her call during her reign as queen. She said this was her first regional pageant, after having clinched the first runner-up position in the Miss Curaçao pageant earlier this year. She will represent her island at the Miss World Pageant in 2009.

Miss Puerto Rico Carolyn Tossas Castro (18) was named first runner-up and Miss Colombia Negaira Roa (23) second runner-up as well as the Best Traditional Wear title.

Miss Cayman Islands Treveen Stewart (19) won Miss Amity title; Miss Anguilla Fanny Richardson (18) the Best Gown title; Miss Peru Claudina Maira Sarrio (20) the Photogenic title and Miss St. Barths Jennifer Louis (20) the Popularity title.

The curtains raised on the sixteenth annual event with the 16 contestants gracing the stage in traditional wear and introducing themselves to the audience. Apparel featured ranged from carnival ensembles and traditional church dress of the 1940’s to the Pocahontas costume worn by Miss USA. Most contestants spoke about the allure of their native countries and encouraged the audience to visit.

However, unlike the other contestants, the new queen, dressed as a Curaçaolenean “clothes washer,” veered away from the common messages of her competitors and made a passionate call for the Caribbean to work together to combat the challenges facing the region. She said the Caribbean needs to “hold itself together” to be a strong unit. She also spoke about the tough work ahead for her own island as it prepares for its new constitutional status, likening the “work and decisions ahead” for Curaçao to the tough decisions that US President-elect Barack Obama will have to make in his new capacity.

Dressed as a traditional “guavaberry woman,” St. Maarten/St. Martin representative Miuricia Williams (24) drew attention to the uniqueness of the open-bordered twin island shared by two governments and highlighted its culinary and other delights. At one point, she faltered during her speech, but quickly got back on track and delivered confidently, selling the positive aspects of her “Friendly Island.”

Miss Colombia, who clinched the Traditional Costume title, donned a colourful garb which she said depicted the “colour, flavour and fashion” of her country.

Nineteen-year-old Guyanese Justine Perez, who pulled a strong following, spoke about Guyana’s vast rainforests and nature and said she had instantly fell in love with St. Maarten during her first visit and that it reminded her of her South American birthplace.

The swimwear segment opened with contestants performing a dance in similar summer dresses and then appearing individually in similar tiger-print, two-piece beachwear.

Elegance, glitter and glamour dominated the evening wear segment which featured gowns in just about every colour of the rainbow. However, it was the jet black, glittering, ankle-length gown worn by Miss Anguilla that copped the Best Gown title. The queen was dressed in an elegant orange spaghetti-strap gown with a daring front slit, which she modelled gracefully. Miss St. Maarten/St. Martin modelled a Caribbean-like multi-coloured, floral chiffon gown.

Before handing over the crown, former queen Laurien Angelista said she pocketed invaluable experience and memories during her reign and was happy to have served as the Caraibes Hibiscus Queen.

The pageant, which began around two hours after the scheduled time, also featured entertainment from, among others, Oddyssey, Miss Black USA 2008 Kristen E. White, the special guest for the evening and one of several judges for the event.

The 27-year-old Georgia native and American Idol semi-finalist, whose greatest passion is serving others, especially children, was crowned on June 23, 2008 in Las Vegas. In addition to the coveted crown, she also won a US $20,000 academic scholarship, along with a walk-on role on Tyler Perry’s hit sitcom, the House of Payne, a seven day/six night trip to the Grand Bahamas Island, and a host of other prizes.

Other contestants were from Brazil, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Panama and Martinique. (Judy H. Fitzpatrick)

Source: The Daily Herald St. Maarten

Curaçao Carnival Schedule

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The people of Curaçao invite you to join our biggest party of the year, as we celebrate our Curaçao Carnival. Be among tens of thousands of spectators alongside the road witnessing an impressive array of multi-colored groups dancing on the beat of Tumba, our official Carnival music.

Ready to experience the Curaçao Carnival? Here you will find an overview of the most important activities planned for the coming 2008 Carnival season.

Note: the activities listed below are subject to change.

January 5 Opening Curaçao Carnival season 2008
January 6 Election of Children’s Queen, Prince and Pancho
Registration for Tumba Festival 2008
January 11 Ban Purba Fundraising Event
January 12 Grand Dance Anniversary Globo
January 14 Tumba Festival – first night
January 15 Tumba Festival – second night
January 16 Tumba Festival –third night
January 18 Tumba Festival – final night
January 19 Jump- in “Apetit pa Gosa”
Jump- up “Crazy Diamonds” / “Le Cime”
Jump- in “Chikitous”
January 20 Horse Carnival Parade
Children’s Tumba Festival
January 22 Jump- in “Atanan Djingeli Djuzeni”
January 23 Carnival party for the Elderly
Jump-in “Va Va Voom”
January 24 Jump- in “Aloha”
January 25 Election of Teen’s Queen and Prince
Jump- in “Ta’Ki Tin”
January 26 Jump- in “At’e / “Cache” / “Viva”
Tumba Loko Globo
Juve Morning: Pequeña Compania
Calypso Contest
January 27 Children’s Carnival Parade
January 31 Election of the Carnival Queen, Prince and Pancho

February 1 Teen Carnival Parade
February 2 Banda Bou Carnival Parade
“Kaya 9 – Bispu dje Bembé” in Pietermaai
February 3 Grand Carnival Parade
February 4 Children’s Farewell Parade
February 5 Grand Farewell Carnival Parade
February 9 Closing and awards evening Grand Parade, Teen Parade and Horse Parade.
February 10 Closing and awards evening Children’s Carnival

Miss Curacao Naemi Monte for Miss World 2007

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Naemi Monte Age: 20
Height: 5’9
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown

What are your interests and what do you enjoy doing the most?
Since September of 2005, I have been a student on the Bachelor Degree level at the University of the Netherlands Antilles. I hope to obtain my degree in International Business in June 2008. After that I would like to enroll in an American University to pursue my Master’s Degree in Economics. My final goal will be to become a professional businesswoman. I love playing volleyball. For many years I have been a part of our national team and as such I have been representing Curacao in various international competitions. I also was selected as the Best Libero in Jamaica in 2005. In 2007 I participated in the Fame Body Shape Contest in Canada. To my pleasant surprise, one of my pictures taken in this competition was selected for the poster to promote the upcoming Fame contest.

What is your career ambition?
Since September of 2005, I have been a student on the Bachelor Degree level at the University of the Netherlands Antilles. I hope to obtain my degree in International Business in June 2008. After that I would like to enroll in an American University to pursue my Master’s Degree in Economics. My final goal will be to become a Professional Businesswoman.

Describe where you were raised and what your childhood was like.
I was born in Curacao in 1986 into a family of my mother, father and older brother. I went to preparatory school. After that I went to the kindergarten and than to the elementary school and after that to high school. I had a great and blessed childhood, doing all the normal, healthy and everyday activities according to the stage of development that I was going through. Two of my friends who I made in my childhood are currently still my best friends. I love my family life, I feel very secure. Most of all, I have enjoyed the many countries I have visited during vacations with my parents and brother.

What do you want the judges to know about you?
I am 20 years old. I was born and raised in Curacao. -Curacao is the most exotic island in the Caribbean. -Curacao has been a multi-ethnic society with more than 55 nationalities living peacefully together. -I speak Papiamento, Dutch, English, Spanish and some French. -Papiamento is my native language, made up of words taken from six different languages. -Currently I am studying International Business at the University of the Netherlands Antilles. -I love to share my knowledge – either teaching kids to play volleyball or helping fellow students with subject I understand better.

Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant

Organisers of the The pageant, which takes place on December 29th , have confirmed some 12 countries from around the region including Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Curacao , Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United States Virgin Islands and hosts St.Kitts with Cuba expected to confirm participation shortly. Bermuda will be participating for the first time.

According to Chairman and Executive Producer of the Pageant, Mr. Antonio ‘Director’ Maynard, the pageants organising committee is working hard to maintain the shows extremely high standard and further enhance it’s status as the most anticipated, exciting and prestiguous pageant shows in the Caribbean.

“Plans are progressing perfectly and this event continues to be the most popular and prestigious event of it’s kind in the Caribbean and we intend to keep it that way,” Maynard said.

‘We’re incorporating and implementing new initiatives, to raise the show to an even higher standard and this year we’re going to have a bit more participation than usual with the addition of countries such as Bermuda for the first time and Cuba who will be making a return after a 3 year hiatus,” Maynard said.

The show has been synonymous over the years with spectacular stage productions and guest performances and performers. Machel Montana, Allison Hinds, Singing Sandra,Edwin Yearwood, Jamesy P, Claudette Peters and more as well as top Caribbean comedians and personalities including Rachel Price, Tommy Joseph, Jennifer “Jenny Jenny” Small among others have all graced the Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant stage.

Marketing and Guest Artiste Coordinator of the show Wallis Wilkin indicated that the name of the special guest host and guest artiste for this years event will be announced shortly in a subsequent release.

“As always you can expect another great performer this year and an even greater stage show and production,” said Wallis Wilkin Marketing and Guest Artiste Committee Chairperson for the show.

Past contestants of the show , Claudetter CP Peters and Pat Raguette, have gone on to regional and success as performers with Claudette recently making history by being the first artiste to win the Antigua Carnival Party and Groovy Soca monarch titles. Pat Raguette has won both the St.Thomas and St.Croix road march titles as lead singer of the Express band.

The official launch of the pageant is slated for Nov. 27 at the Ocean Terrace Inn where they will also release the names of other major sponsors.

The show began in 1980 and is the first show of it’s kind in the region which showcases the talents of our female caribbean teenagers.

For More information check out pageant website

Celebration “like no other” in the Caribbean

Celebration like no other in the Caribbean The Caribbean’s biggest festival of the year is being prepared on the island of Curacao.

Karnaval will begin on January 2nd, 2008, saturating the island with colour and costumes for a “month-long cultural mash-up”.

Featuring local dance, food and entertainment, the festival builds up to the Grand Farewell Parade on February 5th.

“Karnaval is a pure celebration of our culture,” commented Eugene Rhuggenaath, the island’s commissioner of economic affairs and tourism.

“The energy builds throughout the month to a glorious eruption of joy during the Grand Parade,” he added.

Curacao’s native music, Tumba, provides the official soundtrack to Karnaval, incorporating musical competitions for parents, children and teenagers.

UK Holidaymakers can find all they need for the perfect exotic trip on the island, from “pristine diving locations”, secluded beaches, a championship golf course and “amazing world-class fishing”.

British Airways recently unveiled a number of special offers to the Caribbean, with holiday prices starting at £745 for a week-long trip.

There has been an increase in the number of British and Irish visitors to the Caribbean in recent months.

Between January and May this year 74,000 Brits holidayed in Jamaica alone, compared to 64,893 during the same period last year.

Source: Holiday Hypermarket

NAGICO celebrates 25 years

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Tuesday February 06 2007

National General Insurance Corporation (NAGICO) will begin a week of activities next Monday to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The company officially turned 25 last Thursday and revealed in a press statement that a series of activities have been planned to observe the occasion.

“It has been a quarter of a century of providing the best insurance coverage and customer service to all our clients in St. Maarten, Antigua and 11 other islands in the North Eastern Caribbean, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao,” the news release from the company stated.

The official anniversary celebrations will begin in St. Maarten on Monday with a ground-breaking ceremony for the company’s new corporate headquarters.

A Customer Appreciation Day will take place next Thursday.

Officials from the institution will take part in the dedication of the National School Meals feeding centre at the Golden Grove Primary School.

The centre is actually a gift from NAGICO to the children of Golden Grove.

A celebratory cocktail reception will be held in St. Maarten on 16 Feb.

“We wish to say a very big thank you to all our customers in Antigua for their continued support over the years. It has been our distinct pleasure to serve our customers and the wider community over these past two and a half decades and we will continue to do so as we head towards another 25 years,” the company assured.

EFEX 2006 Efficiency Exposition for Business & Home

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For the 9th time, the World Trade Center Curacao transforms into a digital hot spot featuring the very latest in telecommunications and computer technology.

EFEX 2006 is the largest and highest ranked expo of its kind in the Netherlands Antilles.

Under one roof, you, as an exhibitor, upload your consumer solutions and download a database of ideas, contacts and potential clients.

EFEX 2006, your opportunity to do business, keep up with industry trends, and make connections with customers.
Why participate in this Efficiency Expo?

Because Entrepreneurs like you are the Digital Pioneers that will help consumers make sense of ever-changing and evolving technologies. Your knowledge, skills and products become must-have tools for businesses, government, homes and offices.

A highlight of EFEX is the uniting of intellectual bandwidth among industries that are innovating all sorts of digital solutions. Our Efficiency Expo gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas, explore collaboration and hopefully forge partnerships with other exhibitors and consumers in the areas of mobile communications, wireless internet, home theater, digital audio, video and photo imaging, pod casting, web design, gaming and much more.
Key Networking Receptions and Workshops

We offer the opportunity for you to host a networking reception, a meeting or a workshop on the EFEX terrace or in one of the meeting rooms of the World Trade Center Curacao. Think of how much more visibility and interaction this opportunity can give your business as a featured participant in EFEX 2006.

Consumers need your expertise more now than ever before to help them make sense of their digital world. That’s why it makes sense for you to book your space now. Call or email Destination Curacao and we’ll upload you into EFEX 2006!

2006 7 – 9 April : International Tennis Tournament (Davis Cup) 7-8-9 April 2006

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Davis Cup match between the Netherlands Antilles and Sto. Domingo
S.O.V. Asiento Rust & Burgh
7-8-9 April 2006 (10:00, 9:30 10:00 AM)

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