2006 Vacation Expo Curaçao

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At the 1st annual Vacation Expo Curaçao
close to 5,000 very enthusiastic attendees
and buyers re-ignited their passion for travel
and overseas destinations, while Caribbean,
Latin American and European travel industry
leaders strengthened their bonds.

Participants included, national tourism authorities, travel agents, tour operators, major hotels, cruise lines and international airlines.

* The next edition of Vacation Expo Curaçao is scheduled for March 15 to 18, 2007.
* Pick your spot on the floorplan.
* Register today!

* Finding China in Guilin
* Hala Gorani: A postcard from Cairo
* Dream trip: The Leaning Tower of Pisa
* Utah adventure cures vacation doldrums
* Mickey Mouse to set sail in Europe

* Canadian tourism back, but far from booming; officials call for another $30 million advertising
* India, Philippines to sign agreement on cooperation in tourism
* Oman Travel Market in progress
* French now need US visas for travel
* Korea Now a Tourism ‘Superpower’

In addition representatives of a number of tourism related industries (including Hertz International, skin care products, banks and phone companies) made use of the promotional opportunity provided by the Vacation Expo 2006. The presence of the American Airlines, Air Jamaica, KLM, Aeropostal and Surinam Airways was considered a highlight by the event’s the organizers. The airlines made use of the expo to promote their globe spanning services.

Effective Promotional Tool

Vacation Expo 2006, held from March 16 through 19 at the World Trade Center Curaçao, proved to be a very effective promotional tool. Visitors took the opportunity to interact on a one-on-one basis with exhibitors and got answers to many questions ranging from the best time for traveling to roaming options, comprehensive travel insurance arrangements and effective preventive vaccinations. In addition to satisfying their curiosity attendees also got a taste of several kitchens of the world. A big screen in the center of the food court continuously showed presentations of the show’s exhibitors. The exuberant interest shown by the visitors compelled many exhibitors to already sign up for next year’s event.
Mark your calendars

The next Vacation Expo Curaçao is scheduled for March 15 to 18, 2007. Destination Curaçao, organizers of a number of annual and bi-annual trade shows (EFEX, Living, Fashion Weekend), are already preparing for the 2007 edition, building on this year’s success. Tourism related businesses are invited to apply at their earliest convenience to ensure that they will (again) be part of Vacation Expo Curaçao 2007.

Revisit www.vacationexpocuracao.com regularly for more information and registration or contact Destination Curaçao at (+599 9) 463 6178.

Destination Curaçao N.V.
World Trade Center Curaçao
P.O.Box 6103, Curaçao N.A.
Phone: (+599 9) 463 6178
Fax: (+599 9) 463 6539

Antigua highlighted at Curacao Expo

Antigua & Barbuda made full use of the opportunity to market its many assets while attending Vacation Expo Curacao 2006.

Attending the event was staff from within the marketing department of the Ministry of Tourism who presented Antigua & Barbuda, its festivals, beaches and other special tourist products to the over 4,900 people in attendance.

Marketing Manager for the Caribbean region Joyce Henry and Public Relations Officer Annette Michael, relayed that the country could not have been presented to Curacao at a more opportune time.

The tourism officials said the general consensus of people visiting the Antiguan and Barbudan stall was that they were tired of the metropolitan areas of the world and would like to indulge a bit more in whatsoever the Caribbean had to offer, particularly Antigua.

Airlift, was a major area of concern, and Caribbean Star Airlines answered the call as it will begin direct flights to Curacao in June, from its hub in Antigua.

Although a contingent from the Carnival office was not present at the Vacation Expo, flyers and DVD presentations were made of the Carnival festival, which peaked the interests of the attendees.

PRO Annette Michael, made use of the opportunities presented mainly with Trois Paradise a local radio station on island in Curacao, and the Flamingo Broadcasting System whose on-air personalities strolled the stalls of the expo. Callers also showed an interest in the wedding and honeymoon packages and other festivities such as sailing week.

Other Caribbean islands that took part in the vacation expo are Aruba and Bonaire (they make up the three nation configuration of the ABC islands), Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Cuba, Columbia, Venezuela, and Jamaica.

The innovative expo enabled consumers to sample the best vacation opportunities of the Caribbean region and other vacation destinations all within walking distance under one roof. It also enabled businesses to have premium, one-on-one access to a captive market of motivated and potentially “ready to buy” vacation shoppers.

Antigua & Barbuda’s next regional showing is in Barbados at the Habitat Tradeshow from the 21- 23 April.

International group shows interest in Times Square project

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ST. CROIX РRenovation work is continuing at Sunday Market Square this winter as representatives of the St. Croix Foundation, which is managing the restoration, are being recognized for their efforts at a conference in Cura̤ao.

The area, known as Times Square, was renovated last year with wide sidewalks, a restored Danish well and mahogany trees, and the once-downtrodden street is now becoming an attractive square that the foundation hopes will develop into a flourishing business sector.

The project garnered attention from the International Downtown Association, which has invited Foundation Executive Director Roger Dewey to its leadership conference in Curaçao this week to discuss its work.

The Washington, D.C.-based IDA focuses on building partnerships to create city centers that anchor communities.

One business has already set up in the square. The Twin City Coffeehouse and Gallery opened its doors before Christmas on the ground level of the building adjacent to Diane Russell’s law office on the square.

With that anchor in place, work is continuing on the two buildings to the south. In the building next to the coffeehouse, the foundation is developing a small-business incubator. All structural work is complete there now and the foundation is soliciting additional bids to build out the interiors, according to William Taylor, master planner and architect for the square

The building would host several businesses but would pool resources such as reception, broadband Internet and office machines. There is also the possibility of an Internet videoconferencing room in the building that could be used by the public.

The foundation has received community development block grants for the project, money through the Public Finance Authority and federal grants.

The theater building that borders Company Street is progressing as well. Taylor has been working to repair the roof of the building, which was damaged during Hurricane Hugo and finished off by Hurricane Marilyn. The roof must be built to higher standards than it was designed for and Taylor is planning for increased weight loads to handle hanging lights and set items for the community theater the Foundation intends to create there.

The cost to renovate the entire building will be approximately $750,000, according to Dewey, and the foundation will have to start a fundraising campaign to finance all the improvements. The final result will be a theater open to community use. Dewey has said he envisions plays, shows and lectures taking place in the space, which can hold about 300 people.

While the re-opening of the theater is not planned for the short term, its marquee will soon be lit. Taylor said Monday that final light sockets have been received and the marquee will soon be used for foundation announcements.

Source: Virgin Islands Daily News

Curaçao Announces First Annual Dive Festival

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Ranked among the Caribbean’s best islands for diving, called one of the top destinations for new divers, home to “Mushroom Forest” – one of the top dives in the world and rated best in the Caribbean for shore diving, Curaçao is, or should be, on any diver’s wish list of places to visit. In an effort to share its underwater splendor with the world and invite visitors to come explore the depths of the island’s surrounding waters, Curaçao has announced the First Annual Curaçao Dive Festival, scheduled for May 20 – 27, 2006.

Registration is free and visitors can enjoy a week full of guided dives, workshops, seminars and advanced dives, while nightfall brings happy hour gatherings with live entertainment, movies on the beach, BBQs and night dives. The festivities begin with opening ceremonies at Lion’s Dive & Beach Resort on Saturday evening, May 20, at 6:00 pm. Visitors are welcome to join the full week of activities, or just join in for two or three days, since it’s a free festival there is no monetary commitment that ties visitors in to a strict schedule. Plus, local dive operators are offering special packages throughout the festival.

In addition to fabulous diving, Curaçao also offers great hotel and resort options. Twelve participating hotels are offering a special airfare credit of for the dive festival of $100 to $200 off the final hotel bill for stays of five nights or longer.

World famous experts will lead the Curaçao Dive Festival program with workshops and seminars throughout the festival:

Robert F. Myers, a biologist who specializes in fish recognition and is currently working on a book about identification of fish in the Caribbean, will lead fish identification seminars for divers eager to learn. He will also lead a reef dive and explain the behavior of the fish and point out their hiding spots.

John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, consultants for the film and television industry as well as co-hosts of the popular Deep Sea Detectives television series on the History Channel, will lead workshops on wreck exploration. John is passionate about diving shipwrecks and has explored such famous wrecks as Andrea Doria, Lusitania, Britannic, and most recently Titanic. Richie is an experienced technical wreck diver and shipwreck historian who has been diving and exploring shipwrecks since 1980. Their work identifying a WWII German Submarine, U-869, has been the subject of several television documentaries and a best selling book by Robert Kurson, “Shadow Divers”. The New York Times bestseller will soon be a major motion picture by 20th Century Fox, to be directed by Ridley Scott.

Leading an underwater photography seminar is expert photographer, Marty Snyderman. Marty is experienced in still photography and film production, and is an author and speaker specializing in the marine environment. Marty’s work has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, Skin Diver Magazine, Dive Training, Sport Diver, Time, Newsweek, and more. Marty has been involved in underwater photography for 25 years and continues to produce compelling images of marine life in attempts to raise awareness and interest about marine issues.

Dr. Peter B. Bennett, Ph.D., D.Sc., a physiologist and scientist, has made significant contributions to the recreational diving industry including the founding of the Divers Alert Network (DAN) in 1980. For 23 years he provided the vision and guidance to develop and direct the world’s largest diving medical, health and safety organization. He was also singularly responsible for conducting and initiating international research in areas that have directly and indirectly benefited both the recreational, commercial and military diving fields over the past half century.

For additional information on the Curaçao Dive Festival schedule, free registration information, eligibility for the special “Airfare Credit” from hotels or for information on suggested accommodations, please visit www.curacao-event.com

Curaçao, located outside of the hurricane belt, boasts an eclectic mix of history and culture, which creates a Caribbean experience like no other. Also known for its eco-tourism and pristine diving conditions, Curaçao attracts the adventure traveler as well as those looking to unwind and enjoy its perfect climate. Visitors to Curaçao will enjoy an 18-hole championship golf course, casinos and much more. American Airlines offers daily flights into Curaçao from Miami and Continental flies direct from Newark weekly. Contact hotels or travel agents directly for more information.

To learn more about Curaçao or to receive a free destination DVD contact 1-800-3- CURAÇAO (1-800-328-7222) or visit www.curacao.com

Carnival’s joyful chaos

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Willemstad, Curaçao—It was hard to tell at first glance if the porta-potty mounted on the back of a pickup truck was a bare-bones Carnival float or a last-minute addition to the outdoor facilities that had ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time somewhere along the massive parade route.

It wasn’t until I spotted costumed celebrants jumping on the truck’s tailgate and shutting the door of the porta-potty behind them that it hit me: This is an island where no detail is overlooked in the chaos of Carnival.

After all, when parade participants have to dance non-stop for miles in stifling costumes, waving with one hand and keeping elaborate hats in check with the other, it’s no wonder they need a little time to themselves — even if it is in the questionable privacy of a travelling toilet.

The circus-like Carnival — an eight-week frenzy of music, dance and merriment that overtakes Curaçao starting tomorrow until Feb. 28 — seems like an odd fit on this Dutch island about 55 kilometres off the coast of Venezuela. But the roots of the festival , and its distinctive tumba music, go back to the mid-1600s, when millions of Africans were shipped through this former slave port. Strangely, it wasn’t until about four decades ago that the real Carnival festivities began with grand parades and parties. And there’s been no let-up since.

“The minute this year’s Carnival is over, people will start working on next year’s,” says life-long Curaçao resident Chernov Rozier. “People spend hundreds of dollars to have their costumes made from imported fabric — the bands can spend $5,000 or more just to participate in Carnival. It is the event of the year in Curaçao.”

In fact, a number of islands in the Caribbean feature colourful Carnival festivities that are a big draw for islanders and visiting tourists. Aruba’s 51st Carnival celebrations started this week. And over the next seven weeks, similar festivities will be held on Turks & Caicos, Trinidad, Dominica, Martinique and Guadeloupe, to name just some.

Carnival is traditionally held in the days leading up to Lent and the explanations of its origins are as varied as its striking costumes: Some believe the partying started as a Catholic rite and a way of using up food such as meat and eggs before the Lenten fasting. Others believe the processions are meant to scare away evil spirits.

Regardless of its history, a few things are critical — colourful costumes, as well as a sense of both rhythm and fun. But nothing is as key to Carnival’s success, on the island of Curaçao at least, as the music that fills its busy streets.

Tumba — with its Afro-Caribbean rhythms — is thought to have evolved from tambu, the music used by slaves to express their sorrow and hardship until it was prohibited by colonial authorities. Tambu eventually evolved into tumba, which has been the soundtrack for Carnival here since 1969.

“I always make sure I have earplugs for the kids,” says one local resident, dancing with her 9- and 11-year-old daughters on the makeshift grandstands that line the main parade route through Otrobanda, literally known as the “other side” of Willemstad because it’s across St. Anna Bay from the capital city’s colourful downtown shopping district.

“Some of the bands play so loud, you get a pain in your chest.”

While the music is so deafening, it’s almost impossible to carry on a conversation, something about Carnival is infectious. When brightly costumed participants aren’t dancing down the streets to the tumba beat, or posing for pictures with friends and tourists, they’re grabbing the hands of passersby and pulling them into the action. Rozier has spent most of Carnival soaking up the music, and cooling down with ice cubes, from the protection of a refreshment booth where there’s a constant line of revellers and tourists looking to get a break from the scorching sun with water, pop and beer.

“We get some kids back here whose parents send them with a list and the kids ask me, `Please, can you hurry? I don’t want to miss my Carnival.’

“I say to them, `You go tell your father to get his own drinks!’” says Rozier with a laugh.

The eight weeks of Carnival start in early January when revellers pull last year’s ornate costumes out of storage and hit the streets for weekend street dances, festivals and parties — called “jump-ups.” But as the weeks progress, and Carnival kings and queens are chosen for the adult and child parades, the island’s capital of Willemstad becomes party central.

As the countdown begins to the Grand March — the final festivities over the last weekend in February — residents and businesses stake out their turf, literally. For about $12 a square metre, people can rope off their own viewing area and many spend the days before the parade chaining down rows of lawn furniture, erecting makeshift grandstands or slapping up canvas or plastic sunshields.

Come Jan. 1, the words “Felis Karnaval” are uttered as frequently as “How are you?”

“We can’t even answer our phone when a Carnival parade is going by,” says Farley Hollander, manager of Willemstad’s Avila Beach Hotel.

source: Toronto Star

Museum’s artist in residence offering workshops

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ST. CROIX – The Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in Frederiksted is hosting its first artist in residence this month – a key program that organizers say will help make the new museum a center for art education and artist collaboration in the Caribbean.

Noted Curaçao artist Tony Monsanto began hosting workshops and lectures at several St. Croix schools this week.

Monsanto, 59, said this is his first visit to St. Croix, and after about a week he is already inspired by the diversity and natural beauty of the island. He said the green hills are a stark contrast to Curaçao, which is mostly desert.

“What makes Caribbean art so unique is the mixture of so many cultures and backgrounds,” he said. “It’s a beautiful island and I am honored to be the first of many more artists to come.”

Monsanto was born on Curaçao in 1946, and his family moved to Netherlands when he was 9 years old. He studied art at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam and graduated as an architect from the University of Delft, Netherlands. Monsanto has been a full-time artist since 1992, but he has been painting for more than 40 years.

His works have been featured in numerous exhibitions in the Caribbean, United States and Europe. The most recent exhibition was at the Chelsea Galleria in Miami, Fla., in January.

On Thursday, Monsanto spoke with about 20 art students about art history at the St. Croix Educational Complex.

“He really is doing a great service going out in the schools,” museum director Norma Krieger said. “The students are the ones who need the help the most.”

Monsanto is also teaching painting and drawing workshops for artists in the community. Krieger said the goal of the lectures and workshops is to provide a creative learning experience and to foster an understanding of the rich cultural and artistic traditions of the Caribbean. She said the program is also a “getaway” for artists and gives them an opportunity to share ideas and experience a new environment.

“It is a great opportunity to develop artistic skills,” Krieger said. “This broad cultural exchange provides interactive educational encouragement to youth, adults and artists.”

Monsanto will present 15 new paintings during an opening reception and exhibition Oct. 14 at the Caribbean Museum Center from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

On Oct. 15, all artists in the community are invited to bring their work for an artist critique by Monsanto from 2 to 5 p.m. at the museum. A lecture will follow at 6:30 and an artist salon from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

To pre-register for art workshops or for more information, call the Caribbean Museum Center at 772-2622.

- Contact Aesha Duval at 774-8772 ext 453 or send e-mail to aduval@dailynews.vi.

Absorb the Cuisine, Culture & Heritage of Curacao

The first annual Curacao Cuisine, Culture and Heritage Festival offers visitors to the Dutch Caribbean island the opportunity to experience the isle from the inside out. Starting on August 15 and running through October 15, 2005, the festival will present visitors with a glimpse of the musical, artistic and folkloric fabric that weaves together the over 40 unique cultures that call Curacao home. As one of only six UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Caribbean, Curacao boasts a wealth of history dating back to the Spanish explorers and early Dutch settlers.

For two months, nine art galleries, twelve museums and over twenty restaurants will grant special offers on purchases and admissions. As visitors venture into the doors of the art galleries, which will offer free admission and a 10% discount on purchases, they will find oils, sculptures and photography as rich as the island’s culture. The deep heritage of Curacao dates back hundreds of years and the local museums will offer free or discounted admission to visitors wanting to experience the history of this island. The cuisine of Curacao infuses the spices of a rainbow of cultures and during the festival participating restaurants will offer a 10% discount on food and beverages.

As an added bonus, visitors can partake in a complimentary culinary walking tour through the historic, picturesque city of Willemstad every Tuesday morning during the festival. The tour, guided by Angelique Schoop, owner of Angelica’s Kitchen, will highlight various points of interest in both the Punda and Otrabanda districts, stop by the Floating Market and visit Mikve Israel Emanuel Synagogue, the oldest synagogue, in constant use, in the Western Hemisphere. The tour will be provided compliments of the Curacao Tourist Board for the first 24 visitors to reserve the tour each week of the festival.

Additionally, to help alleviate the high cost of plane tickets, which oftentimes can become the biggest expense in planning a vacation, visitors during the festival are also eligible to receive up to a $200 airfare credit on stays of five nights or more at participating hotels.

Curacao, located outside of the hurricane belt, boasts an eclectic mix of history and culture, which creates a Caribbean experience like no other. Also known for its eco-tourism and pristine diving conditions, Curacao attracts the adventure traveler as well as those looking to unwind and enjoy its perfect climate. Visitors to Curacao will enjoy an 18-hole championship golf course, casinos and much more. American Airlines offer daily flights into Curacao. Contact hotels or travel agents directly for more information. To learn more about Curacao or to receive a free destination DVD contact 1-800-3- CURAÇAO (1-800-328-7222) or visit www.Curacao-tourism.com

The Curacao Cuisine, Culture and Heritage Festival is presented by the Curacao Ministry of Tourism, The Curacao Tourism Development Board and The Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association. All of the participating vendors, restaurants, and hotels along with their respective offers, can be found on the event website: www.Curacao-event.com Also available on the website is a downloadable information brochure and ‘visitors pass’. This pass much be presented to receive the special discounts and promotional offers at participating vendors throughout the festival.


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Between June 19-22nd, St. Kitts will be home to some 450 guests representing the intelligentsia of the Telecommunication World of the wider Caribbean. Expected to be present are Ministers of Telecommunications of CARICOM and the wider Caribbean, including the Dutch Islands of St. Maarten, Aruba, Curacao. In addition, representatives of all the major telecommunication networks in the area who are members of CANTO (Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations) will be here.

This will also be the premier meeting place for providers, policy makers, regulators and Chief Executive Officers. It is the first time that an OECS country will be hosting such an important event and credit must be given to Cable and Wireless, St. Kitts/Nevis who will be hosting this event.




This theme is sure to generate much interest at this time when clients and the public at large are hungry for knowledge on how the technicalities of CSME will be worked out. Naturally, as CSME is a movement towards closer integration, great importance will be given to updated, adequate and user-friendly forms of communication. Hence it is expected that the telecommunications industry will play a major role in opening up the doors of communication between these islands. The conference is therefore timely. In addition, the youth of the country are expected to participate and make this a meaningful aspect of their current affairs portfolio.



One exciting aspect of the Conference will be a Trade Exhibition that is expected to display products and state of the art technology from some 70 Exhibitors from USA, Europe, Canada and the wider Caribbean. The public is invited to view this showcase of products and services on WEDNESDAY June 22nd from 9 a.m. to 12noon.

The Democrat extends a warm welcome to all visitors and future trading partners and hopes that the entire event will be extremely meaningful and rewarding.

Miss Universe Odds Released, Miss Curacao (35-1)

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NEW YORK, NY, May 24 /CNW/ – Sportsbook.com has released odds on who will
win the Miss Universe competition, which will be televised live by NBC on
May 30 from Bangkok, Thailand. Eight of the top ten favorites according to
odds makers come from the Caribbean and the Americas, led by Renata Sone from
the Dominican Republic and Cynthia Olavarria from Puerto Rico, both listed at
12-1. The US delegate, Chelsea Cooley from Charlotte, North Carolina, is a
25-1 favorite.
“The Miss Universe contest has been around for more than 50 years and
continues to be one of the most watched television programs around the world.
With Donald Trump getting on board the interest in the United States is going
to be even greater this year,” says Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director,
Sportsbook.com. “This is the perfect event for Sportsbook.com fans to wager on
- it’s exciting, unpredictable and it sure is a lot of fun to watch.”
Other favorites for the crown include the representatives from Canada -
Toronto’s Natalie Glebova – South Africa and Venezuela all listed at 18-1,
Colombia, Peru and Norway at 20-1 and Mexico at 25-1. Australia’s delegate,
home to reigning Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, is at 60-1 while the hometown
favorite from Thailand is listed at 40-1. The least likely winner, according
to odds makers is Miss Angola with odds at 250-1.
Aside from offering odds on the eventual winner, Sportsbook.com has
another interest in this year’s competition. Miss Costa Rica, Johanna
Fernandez, is a former employee of the online sportsbook and casino.
“We currently have her at 50-1 to win the crown, but in our hearts of
course she’s our favorite,” added Czajkowski.
There are 81 contestants battling for the Miss Universe 2005 crown. There
have been winners from 31 different countries since the event was first held
in 1952. Only four nations have produced more than two Miss Universe winners -
the United States (7), Puerto Rico (4), Venezuela (4) and Sweden (3). The last
Miss Universe from the United States was Brooke Antoinette Mahealani Lee in
Below are odds on all 81 contestants. For more information, please visit


Miss Universe odds:

Miss Albania 75-1 Miss Japan 35-1
Miss Angola 250-1 Miss Kenya 200-1
Miss Antigua and Barbuda 60-1 Miss Korea 200-1
Miss Aruba 70-1 Miss Latvia 40-1
Miss Australia 60-1 Miss Lebanon 60-1
Miss Bahamas 100-1 Miss Malaysia 150-1
Miss Barbados 100-1 Miss Mauritius 85-1
Miss Belgium 50-1 Miss Mexico 25-1
Miss Belize 65-1 Miss Namibia 150-1
Miss Bolivia 45-1 Miss Netherlands 75-1
Miss Brazil 60-1 Miss Nicaragua 100-1
Miss Bulgaria 80-1 Miss Nigeria 100-1
Miss Canada 18-1 Miss Norway 20-1
Miss Chile 65-1 Miss Panama 85-1
Miss China 75-1 Miss Paraguay 85-1
Miss Colombia 20-1 Miss Peru 20-1
Miss Costa Rica 50-1 Miss Philippines 75-1
Miss Croatia 70-1 Miss Poland 60-1
Miss Curacao 35-1 Miss Puerto Rico 12-1
Miss Cyprus 100-1 Miss Russia 75-1
Miss Czech Republic 85-1 Miss Serbia/Montenegro 40-1
Miss Denmark 50-1 Miss Singapore 150-1
Miss Dominican Republic 12-1 Miss Slovakia 35-1
Miss Ecuador 60-1 Miss Slovenia 100-1
Miss Egypt 70-1 Miss South Africa 18-1
Miss El Salvador 45-1 Miss Spain 100-1
Miss Ethiopia 100-1 Miss Sri Lanka 65-1
Miss Finland 90-1 Miss Switzerland 70-1
Miss France 100-1 Miss Thailand 40-1
Miss Georgia 100-1 Miss Trinidad and Tobago 45-1
Miss Germany 80-1 Miss Turkey 150-1
Miss Greece 35-1 Miss Turks and Caicos 125-1
Miss Guatemala 150-1 Miss Ukraine 65-1
Miss Guyana 200-1 Miss United Kingdom 100-1
Miss Hungary 70-1 Miss United States 25-1
Miss India 40-1 Miss Uruguay 70-1
Miss Indonesia 100-1 Miss Venezuela 18-1
Miss Ireland 100-1 Miss Vietnam 200-1
Miss Israel 60-1 Miss Virgin Islands (US) 125-1
Miss Italy 70-1 Miss Zambia 150-1
Miss Jamaica 125-1

About Sportsbook.com
Sportsbook.com is the largest sportsbook and casino on the planet,
offering numerous products including sports betting, horse racing, poker,
casino and virtual games. It is the flagship brand for Sportingbet PLC,
(LSE: SBT), the world’s largest publicly traded online betting, gambling and
gaming company.

Miss Barbados (c.), Belize (r.) and Curacao are among contenders for the title of Miss Universe 2005.

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Hardbeatnews, BANGKOK, Thailand, Tues. May 24, 2005: Meet 20-year-old Miss Barbados, Nada Yearwood, who is among 81 global beauties and 13 Caribbean nationals with hopes of becoming the next Miss Universe.

The 5’8”, Yearwood has her eye on the coveted title, but is also realistic in her goals, hoping to study screenplay writing, directing and producing at the end of her reign as Miss Barbados.

But for now she’s busy using the values of compassionate and gratefulness she was taught by her disabled mother, to get through each day.

Yearwood, however, faces tough competition, not just from the international beauties, but from her fellow regional counterparts, like Miss Belize, Andrea Elrington, who is articulate and sexy. The 5’9”, 22-year-old is currently a student of communications and public relations at the Fort Valley State University in Georgia and hopes to win the pageant for her country and use it to expand her platform of helping the needy.

But if that fails, Elrington says she’ll still pursue her ultimate career ambition, which is to be hired as an international correspondent at CNN or the International Public Relations Specialist for Trump Enterprises.

From Curacao, comes Rychacviana Coffie, 24, who at 5’9” claims her passion is modeling. But she’s also big on numbers, hoping to cop a management position at the Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, the biggest bank on Curacao, where she now works.

But for now, she too is to use the patience and energy she learnt during her job as a waiter at a standard catering service company, to stay focused on the prize.

Tomorrow we bring you Miss Dominican Republic, Guyana and Jamaica.

The Miss Universe pageant is set for May 31 in Thailand, which is recovering from the devastating Tsunami of December, 2004. – Hardbeatnews.com

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