Coral Estate (Rif St Marie) N.V.

Coral Estate (Rif St. Marie) is situated on the southwestern shore of Curaçao, with on one side an inland bay bordering on salt-ponds and on the other side the Caribbean Sea. Graceful flamingos congregate in the inland bay, finding their food in the salt water.

This is a beautiful, rustic area located near the village of St. Willibrordus, where the large church building is the point of orientation. The project covers approximately 350 hectares of land. Thanks to the natural differences in level, literally every plot has a view of the azure Caribbean Sea!

Permanent residence and holiday home

Coral Estate offers possibilities for those interested in settling here permanently and also for tourists wishing to spend their holidays here. At Coral Estate, attractive tourist areas are interspersed among the locations of the residential units.


Henk Bolivar, the project architect, has designed a number of villas that are highly suitable for construction at Coral Estate. Of course a free design by him, or by your own architect, will be possible. A professional contracting firm under Dutch direction works on the project. The building regulations in effect at Coral Estate guarantee a tasteful and responsible execution. Click here to view some of the available designs.

Interested in this beautiful part of Curaçao? Then complete the information form under the heading: “INFORMATION”. Naturally we can also offer the possibility of a “viewing trip”. You can then actually get to know our project and get an answer to any questions you may have, including on the legal and tax aspects. We can also give you information on the (up to 70%) financing possibilities from Holland.

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