Visit one of our popular parks! Numerous parks are open to the public. The Christoffel Park, the Hato Caves and the Curaçao Underwater Park belong to our main tourist attractions. For those who love ‘a walk on the wild side’, there is now a very practical Curaçao Hiking guide and map available. Some of the information is used in the following items, with permission of the publisher, Stichting Uniek Curaçao (Westwerf z/n, 4628989 or 4626632).

Before you take off…..a few practical tips.

Some areas are remote and therefore lack social control. So it is advised not to walk alone but in a group and if possible carry a mobile phone. Be prepared for high temperatures and take along plenty of drinking water and/or fruit. Wear comfortable clothing, preferably long trousers and sturdy shoes. And remember: don’t take anything home from nature.

Christoffel Park

The Christoffel Park is the largest nature park on Cura̤ao. It is rich in rare plant and animal species, has the highest mountain (375 meters) on the island and 8 different walking routes. Christoffel park is located on four former plantations Savonet, Zorgvlied en Zevenbergen and Knip and was opened to public in 1978. There are also three car routes, but the roads are unpaved and very steep in places so a jeep or 4 wheel drive vehicle is therefore advised. The park is also a great place for horseback riding and mountain biking. At the entrance of the park there is an information center and souvenir shop. Upon request guided jeep tours, mountain bike tours, horseback rides, deer and cave excursions can be made. Opening hours Monday thru Saturday 8:00 am- 4:00 pm; Sunday 6:00 am Р3:00 pm. There is an admission fee. Tel:(599-9)864-0363

Hòfi Pastor

On the road to Bandabou, just next to the church of Barber, this beautiful ‘Pastor’s garden’ is the perfect spot to get away from the hectic city life. The hòfi is open daily from 08.00 to 17.00 for a 2 guilder fee per person. There are two walking trails, but you can also just find a nice spot for a picnic beneath one of the old fruit trees. Or contact the caretaker for information about organized excursions and guided full moon walks.

Hato Plains and Caves

Maybe this area should be called the mini-desert of Cura̤ao Рthe Hato Plains definitely look that way, with the rust-colored earth, windblown plateaus and different types of cacti. Located at the nortern coast of the island, northwest of the airport, the Hato plains are accessible by car, but a jeep is a much better idea. There are several caves in the plateaus at the plains, but the ones locally known as the Hato Caves are situated southeast of the airport, on the F.D. Rooseveltweg. There, an entrance fee is charged and the caves can only be viewed on a guided tour.

Other Great Nature Spots

Apart from the parks an areas listed above, there are many other places on the island worth a visit for nature lovers. The Sint Joris area in Bandariba is a good example, as well as Jan Thiel and Caracasbay island, all listed in the Curacaço Hiking Guide and map. Also not to be missed is the ‘Den Dunki’ natural park, located close to Landhuis Zuurzak and the unique Ostrich Farm. Enjoy Natural Curaçao!

Curaçao Underwater Park

The Curaçao Underwater Park was established in 1983. It stretches from the Princess Beach hotel to the eastern tip of the island and includes some of Curaçao’s finest reefs. The seaward boundary is the 60-meter depth contour and on the shore side the boundary is the high-water mark. The Park covers a total surface area of 600 hectares (1482 ½ acres) of reef and 436 hectares (91077.4 acres) of inner bays.

The waters of the Caribbean are unbelievably clear and clean, and the temperature is pleasant for 365 days a year. Many designated diving places are ideal for snorkeling, which is perfect if your partner wants to go diving while you prefer to snorkel. You’ll also be able to admire some picturesque shipwrecks. Enjoy Curaçao’s amazing underwater world!