Curaçao Salsa Tour

In it’s short history, the Curaçao Salsa Tour Dance Competition has proven to be one of high caliber and unique in it’s sort. As this night was always sold out (!) we can say that this competition is well received by the everyone, especially the local people of Curaçao. Going to the 4rd edition of the competition, we look back at some fantastic couples that fiercely battled for the honor of calling themselves the best salsa dancers of the Salsa Tour. We are sure that this year the competition will be even better as more and more couples are interested to compete and be the winner!

At the first edition of the Curaçao Salsa Tour Dance Competition (2004) the big prize of $3500 went to Oslin Boekhoudt and Janice Kock from the island of Aruba. The second year (2005) the big prize went to the young couple Jose David Gomez and Geisha Castillo from Venezuela. The third year (2006) the winners were Taneesha van der Duim from Curacao and Kurt Alexander from Holland. This year we are sure the battle will be intense again with some great fireworks on the floor. This is a night you can not miss!

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